Incorporating Spirituality into Business is a Guarantee for a Successful Business.

- Shri Shanti Lal Sethia, Chairman

In the 21st century when the world economy has been globalised the organisations are being faced with more complexities and competition. In the business world today, issues as trust, respect, fairness, equity and transparency are gaining more attention. Business ethics includes organizational values, guidelines and codes, legal compliance, risk management, and individual and group behaviour within the workplace. SDC Group has Effective leadership, with an open dialogue and thoughtful deliberation; we have developed the foundation of an ethical workplace. Transparency, fairness and communication are the key pillars for our group. We establish all corporate values and ethical behaviour in our organization.


Constructing best-in-class projects.

 Incredible living, Elite Identity 

Welcome to Bikaner’s FIRST GREEN BUILDING PROJECT with more than FIFTY AMENITIES. The project offers you maximum comfort in day to day living. Everything here transforms from average to magnificent. This meticulously planned project for residents of every age who wish to live a luxuriant lifestyle with Modern amenities and more open space. Special consideration/facilities planned for seniors and children. We prioritise your security while fulfilling your essentials of a dream house.

Type:- Residential Flat of 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 BHK.

Location:- Samta Nagar Extention, Karni Nagar Link Road, Bikaner (Rajasthan) India.

 Bikaner’s 1st Integrated Futuristic Farm House Township 

A Home With A Farm House Is The New Trend In Luxury. Pearl City is a place to live the idyllic life, where the air is crisp, water is fresh and the sweet sound and fragrance of nature is abundant. Discover the delights of magnificent view, unwind and relax in absolute privacy. If you really want to immerse yourself in true quality life, think of buying a house with a farm! A farmhouse has its intrinsic value intact and appreciation of value as lucrative as land within city. It may be also preferred as a second home, wherein we discover the joys of luxury.

Type:- UIT Approved Farm House Plots.

Location:- Pugal/Karni Nagar Industrial Area Road, Bikaner (Raj.)

 A Lifestyle Changer 

Time brings lifestyle concept where U, U+ and U++ define three important stages of life i.e. bachelor, couple and family. This is a meticulously planned project that caters to the needs of almost all individuals. Neither too small nor too large, Perfect living space in 1+2, 3 BHK flats thoughtfully designed to suit your needs and pockets because buy a house is lifelong investment. Peaceful, Easy & Comfortable life style are the reasons for compact house choice of a nuclear family. We are introducing a gracefully planned elegant & safe residential project at the affordable price with low maintenance cost.

Type:- Affordable Row Housing Project of 1+2, 3 BHK Flats.

Location:- Madhuvan Vatika, Ramdev Nargar Road, Gangashahar, Bikaner (Raj.)


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.



“We deliver what we commit and we commit what we can deliver.” We promote strict professional working environment to turn ideas into reality, which provides the ultimate satisfaction to our customers and investors.



‘Ventilate’ which emphasizes on the elements of maximize cross air ventilation, natural light & height. Every project design has a modern-day comfort, an innovative and functional space, which provides high value and quality experiences.



We believe in fixed reasonable price policy. Sustainable solutions for low maintenance cost for projects. Our commitment to conserving nature with eco-friendly architecture has helped us to make a saving in daily lifestyle.